Tiny Desk Concert Submission

Last sunday we decided to cram 10 people into me and Megan’s bedroom to record a submission for the NPR tiny desk concert contest.

This is what came of that decision.


EP! And other news

Ok! The bad news first.
After some scheduling craziness and the busiest two weeks we collectively as a band have experienced (4 5ths of the group were involved with a new musical that had its first performance at 54 Below…but more on that later). …we had to cancel the principle tracking for our EP.

Now the good news.
Principle tracking has now been moved and we’re back on the road to EP land and should be on track for a release in the middle of next month (with a release show in the works!).

On top of that, a part of the whiskey and wine crew is involved with Panic! The Musical, we’re not sure exactly what we’re allowed to say yet but more info on that soon!

We’ll have updates from the studio as we start the process of recording so be on the look out for that!

EP Recording Scheduled and Upcoming Show!

Its official! We’ve scheduled studio time and will be recording our (most likely) self titled EP this month! Release on that is TBD but if everything goes well expect an april release. We’ll also be including the tracks from our bluegrass sessions EP which will be released as bonus tracks.

This comes on the heels of us solidifying our lineup with the incomparable Aaron Drescher on Drums, Will Melones on Bass, Evan Murphy on Guitar, Rodney Bush on keys and Tess Brenner on backing vocals! (Expect some contributions from Sam Bagala in the near future as well).

On top of that we’re going to be playing at LIC Bar in Long Island City on the 26th at 9pm. We’ll be demoing some new tunes as well as playing cuts from our EP and some tasty cover tunes.

photo (1)

Whiskey and Wine News 1: Recording session 1 down!

We cut four songs in the studio a few weeks ago which are currently being mixed by our own Marcus Bagala and Will Melones of Doc’s Basement.

Theres a demo of our tune Whiskey and Wine posted in our music section and more to follow. We’ll be doing a follow up recording session sometime in December during which we’ll be recording some brand new tunes.

We’ll also be sure-ing up our lineup in the next month or so, so you can expect us to be posting about the snazzy people who’ll be joining us, as well as info on a EP release party and some shows in the new year.

Keep it tuned here for more details!